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Daily horoscope

September 24, 2020

Weekend horoscope

For the weekend of Saturday 26 September through Sunday 27 September

Love – singles
Wake up! If you’ve been complaining of your dull love life, time has come to put more intensity in your relationships. You want to seduce and won’t need much to achieve your goals but be careful not to offense or hurt somebody’s feelings. A small misstep could end up a romance full of promises and you’d definitely wish you kept your words kinder. Today’s constellations alignment will foster passion, but you need to keep things under control... so you can enjoy it all!
Love – couples
What about spicing things up a bit tonight? Maybe you are satisfied with the current situation – are you, really? – but implementing new habits, or even a one-shot surprise, could have spectacular effects... and who doesn’t fancy a little bit of show time! You don’t have to wait until the weekend or your next holidays to let your imagination take you to new territories. Your love life won’t need much preparation to get back into full-blown sensuality, and you’ll thank yourself late. Push yourself just a bit and enjoy!
Confidence in your professional potential is an asset but be careful not to believe in Santa Claus. If a new opportunity arises out of the blue, do your homework and check the whole picture. Things that look too good to be true unfortunately sometimes happen to actually be too good to be true, and prudence will go a long way so you don’t blow up all your efforts in one move. Waiting until the right opportunity comes along is the best thing that could happen to your career.
Uranus and Neptune are creating a supportive environment for your health and your immune system will be able to recover. You should feel stronger and more energized today than you have for a while. If you’ve been fighting against a sore throat for a few days or even a few weeks, it should end soon too, while your sleep improves significantly. Let your body heal and give yourself time before jumping back into a more active daily life and take it easy.
Love – singles
You are naturally very loving, sensitive and empathetic. You are good at forgiving and forgetting. You have a tendency to look for too many excuses for people whom you fall for. Saturn will drive you to face up to reality and to see things as they really are. By the end of the weekend, you’ll know exactly what’s going on.
Love – couples
You’re such a tease this weekend! Stop trying to provoke an emotional reaction in your partner for a while. These extremes are putting your partner on the defensive. They are rarely worth it and only serve to prove to your partner that you’re wrong. Pluto will help you to restore harmony and to reset matters.
Leisure time
You have a gift for the arts and creativity. This weekend, new perspectives will open up for you and you’ll start exploring new leisure activities. Don’t be afraid of getting stuck in and starting to do things you’ve never done before. You’ll want to discover new ways of having fun and, you never know, you might even like them!
Friends & family
Things left unsaid have been festering and spoiling your relationships with your loved ones for a while know. Even though it’s better to lay your cars on the table and discuss matters openly, this weekend won’t be the ideal time to start having that discussion. You’ll manage to let the barbed comments to unanswered and keep your calm until the right moment arises to talk about your disagreements openly.

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