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Daily horoscope

September 24, 2020

Weekend horoscope

For the weekend of Saturday 26 September through Sunday 27 September

Love – singles
If all alarms seem on today and you choose to ignore them, don’t come and cry tomorrow! There will be some intense chemistry around you, but it’s likely to put you on a slippery slope. Also, because it’s so intense, there will be witnesses to it, and you don’t necessarily want that either. If you don’t want to miss that opportunity, try to keep it low key and don’t let yourself get so carried that you forget the two of you aren’t on a desert island.
Love – couples
The romantic woman in you will be on fire today. Your partner,well, maybe not so much. Uranus in Mars causes varied reactions into people, and while you are overheating with love, some are conversely not feeling the hype at all. If your significant other doesn’t seem on the same page as you are, two options: either you spend the day plotting some irresistible set up for tonight in order to conquer him, or you reasonably wait until the weekend and better auspices – it’ll be here soon!
If you are delivering a project or making an important presentation today, there may be some unexpected backlash. Remain professional, back yourself up with documentation, and don’t take it personally. The sun in retrograde fosters long-term relationships and you could receive help from colleagues when you most need it. No matter what happens, keep your cool and don’t move from the line you had drawn in the first place and your efforts will be rewarded in the end, even if it’s difficult to fathom how right now.
We could say that technically you are in very good shape and in a very good place physically, but that your affective life has been more like a roller coaster. You could be back to higher spirits with minimum efforts thanks to your natural optimism though. Today will be decisive in changing your mood and not letting external things factor in and ruin your internal wellbeing. Keep faith in your instincts and turn inwards while the storm lasts, so you can soon enjoy blue skies again.
Love – singles
This weekend will be more momentous than last week! You’re in search of passion: love worthy of Romeo and Juliet! Venus will enable any excesses and you’ll have fun going crazy. You’ll also be bursting with energy and enthusiasm. Take advantage of these moments guilt-free: you’ll be starting the weekend with a big smile on your face.
Love – couples
Be careful of the meaning of the words that you use. Saturn will encourage you to make threats that could end up being devastating, and it only takes one phrase to destroy the trust that links you and your partner! Nevertheless, Mars will help you to apply some restraint to your words and engage in a constructive dialog. Everything will be back where it should be by the end of the weekend.
Leisure time
You will start to get a taste for an activity that you thought you’d given up. With your friends or family, you’ll enjoy the mental or physical break that will free your mind from your current cares. Learn how to appreciate these unique moments and enjoy them to the full. The Moon will offer you the chance to enjoy a restorative sleep and you’ll be in peak physical condition, starting the week on the right footing.
Friends & family
You’re afraid of losing contact with some of your loved ones. The Sun will help you to take care of your most delicate relationships, and you will use everything at your disposal to maintain regular, sincere communications. Even though you may not share the same values, you still understand how to distinguish between what’s important and what is merely superficial.

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