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Daily horoscope

September 24, 2020

Weekend horoscope

For the weekend of Saturday 26 September through Sunday 27 September

Love – singles
You are not happy to not be happy. You want to feel that rush of adrenaline, your heartbeat racing, extreme feelings that make you feel alive... and love is one of them. The problem is that you can’t force it and experience has proven it doesn’t work out when you try anyway. Your motivation was intact until last weekend, but you’ve felt in quite of a funk for the past few days. Focus on what makes you happy besides love, and you’ll see your mood improve fast.
Love – couples
If the day has not started well with your partner reproaching you your behavior for the past week or so, take a step back, breathe deeply and try to review those days with the most impartial mentality you can have. Chance are you’ve been sending mixed signals and picking a lot on him, even though you were not realizing it. Don’t blame yourself forever but start the conversation tonight, apologize when needed, and get back on track. You’ll be the first one to benefit from this shift.
If you need help on one of your tasks today, just go and ask one of your coworkers without overthinking about what they’ll think or say behind your back. Make clear you’ll be more than happy to return the favor as soon as possible, take notes on what they tell you, so you don’t have them repeat, and pay the next round of coffee during the break. Colleagues are here to help, and you are the first one in line when somebody is in need.
If you have tried several solutions to make you feel better and nothing has worked as of yet, move to the next level and splurge (a bit). Or try unconventional methods. Yoga and salads are not helping you feel sexier? Go shopping in your favorite boutique. Maximizing self-care in the form of a daily bath with skincare is not empowering you whatsoever? Be old school, call a friend and go for a drink after work. Sometimes a little tweak in your daily life is all it takes.
Love – singles
Unfortunately, you’ve met plenty of people who never call back. This weekend, the shoe is on the other foot! You’re about to meet the big one, the one you’ve been waiting for! It’s up to you to make sure you don’t miss out by following the signs that the stars will reveal when the time comes. Be ready, stay relaxed, and you’ll be perfect when the big moment arrives.
Love – couples
The one that you love can’t guess what’s going on your head if you won’t say what it is! Love isn’t enough for your other half to become clairvoyant! The influence of Saturn will give you the courage to reveal your inner self this weekend. You will finally put your worries into words and will manage to explain what’s been getting you down to your partner.
Leisure time
You’ll be putting a lot of effort in, certainly when it comes to outdoor activities. All the better, because that’s something you enjoy, which is why it’s very important to maintain your balance. You feel liberated of the weight of your cares and everyday stresses. The lucky ones among you may be joined by uninvited guests. Greet them with enthusiasm.
Friends & family
You are so preoccupied by your love life that you have a tendency to neglect your loved ones. You are about to realize that the people who truly care most about you are not the ones you spend the most time with. Mercury will drive you to rectify that by placing people from your past into your path; it would be a good idea to rebuild these relationships.

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