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Daily horoscope

September 24, 2020

Weekend horoscope

For the weekend of Saturday 26 September through Sunday 27 September

Love – singles
If there’s been someone taking a lot of space in your head lately, you could hear that he’s actually taken, or even that he is nothing like the boyfriend of your dreams. Instead of pondering on how sad it is and how disappointed you are, remind yourself that when you don’t know people well, what you feel about them is merely a projection of your desires. Your powerful imagination is a gift, but it can backfire sometimes, especially if you take those fantasies for granted.
Love – couples
Ouch, some confidence from your significant other could happen today, or tomorrow at the latest, and it could hurt. Bear in mind that it’s probably uncomfortable and painful for him too. You have always valued sincerity and transparency, so here is an occasion to act upon your beliefs. Express your feelings, including the not so pleasant ones, then take a while to process them and move on. Communication is key in your relationship and the two of you are good at it – you’ll overcome this incident.
It’s not that you are not interested in your job, but rather than it feels like a non-issue. The absence of stress caused by this distance you are experiencing is actually turning you into a real machine, and you’re working harder than ever, only without much emotion. It’s okay, and it could have amazing outcomes since you’re being so efficient, but don’t forget your heart often leads the way and you won’t be able to continue on autopilot forever. Would be healthier to try and find out why you are feeling that way.
If you’ve been having trouble sleeping, you could try essential oils. Maybe spraying directly on your pillow could help stop your brain from racing at night. This situation is even more unsettling if you aren’t feeling stressed during the day, as it’s like your head starts compiling anxiety thoughts only the minute you get into your sheets. Those thought are not coming out of nowhere though, and addressing them in day light, when you can dedicate your full mental capacity to understand what’s happening, could help.
Love – singles
You’re on form this weekend and, you must admit, the desire to go out and find your soul mate is burning! The Moon will influence you, pushing you in the right direction to get dressed to the nines and put your best foot forward! You’ll meet a person who’s full of smiles and brimming with self-confidence and will have an amazing night together!
Love – couples
You get the feeling that you are the only one keeping this relationship alive, and yet sometimes you catch yourself fantasizing about a partner who really wants to play a part in your love story. This weekend, your concerns about your partner’s commitment will be answered thanks to an event that reveals his true feelings for you.
Leisure time
You’ll be channeling your abundant energy thanks to a few activities this weekend, such as running, dancing, or the gym. All this sport will help you to feel much happier and more at ease with yourself, with a harmony between your body and mind. This weekend, your fitness will be matched only by your happiness; consider getting away from it all more regularly!
Friends & family
People will need to walk on eggshells around you this weekend to avoid saying the wrong thing: you’ll be very sensitive. Be careful not to awaken the beast that sleeps within you! The Sun will moderate your impatience and irritability, which could cause a few angry outbursts. This will create a stir with your friends and family, who may struggle to understand your changing moods.

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