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Daily horoscope

January 27, 2020

Weekend horoscope

For the weekend of Saturday 01 February through Sunday 02 February

Love – singles
You are more inclined to spend time shopping with your friends, then thinking about your love situation. Finding emotional security in shopping is the last thing you need. It does seem like you're tired of endless dating with no results and now you just want to indulge yourself. It's been irritating and it makes you tense. It’s alright to spend some quality time with friends. Just don't spend too much money on things you don't really need.
Love – couples
You are having difficulties in expressing to your lover your inner feelings and needs. You feel kind of tense and ready to get into an argument. Don't get mad if your lover doesn’t make it on time for dinner tonight; maybe your loved one is just too exhausted from work and all he needs is some space and alone time. It's easier to blame someone else than to accept responsibility for your own emotional state. It’s not your lover’s fault you're feeling this way.
There’s a big pressure on you today and you can't seem to cope with it. Something changed in your work environment and its making you feel uncomfortable. Somehow daily routine is out of ordinary and you are encountering people that are not supportive. If someone wants to get into an argument with you, just step back and avoid that person at all costs. Keep yourself away from this kind of people. When it comes to long term project planning and management, live it for some other day.
There is high anxiety level, especially in the evening. You might even struggle to fall asleep or battle to get some good night sleep. This may cause you to take some desperate actions; you may feel urged to go get some junk food in order to reduce your anxiety level. Well, it’s a bad idea and it won’t help much. Aromatherapy and taking a bath in essential oils might help you relax your body and mind. Meditation may also help decrease anxiety and stress.
Love – singles
You’re on form this weekend and, you must admit, the desire to go out and find your soul mate is burning! The Moon will influence you, pushing you in the right direction to get dressed to the nines and put your best foot forward! You’ll meet a person who’s full of smiles and brimming with self-confidence and will have an amazing night together!
Love – couples
You get the feeling that you are the only one keeping this relationship alive, and yet sometimes you catch yourself fantasizing about a partner who really wants to play a part in your love story. This weekend, your concerns about your partner’s commitment will be answered thanks to an event that reveals his true feelings for you.
Leisure time
You’ll be channeling your abundant energy thanks to a few activities this weekend, such as running, dancing, or the gym. All this sport will help you to feel much happier and more at ease with yourself, with a harmony between your body and mind. This weekend, your fitness will be matched only by your happiness; consider getting away from it all more regularly!
Friends & family
People will need to walk on eggshells around you this weekend to avoid saying the wrong thing: you’ll be very sensitive. Be careful not to awaken the beast that sleeps within you! The Sun will moderate your impatience and irritability, which could cause a few angry outbursts. This will create a stir with your friends and family, who may struggle to understand your changing moods.

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