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Daily horoscope

September 24, 2020

Weekend horoscope

For the weekend of Saturday 26 September through Sunday 27 September

Love – singles
Saturn will provide clarity and lucidity until the beginning of next week. You are over your illusions about your love life and although you keep making new encounters and could meet somebody today, your current mindset could make you question his behavior and motivations excessively. The fact this encounter is likely to happen in fairly unusual conditions will not help you identify its potential, so make sure not to be too cynical about your life and romance in general so you don’t miss it.
Love – couples
You may have been keeping your eyes shut on a few things that have been keeping coming up, not wanting to hurt yourself. It’s completely natural to try and protect your heart, but Saturn and the moon shifting quickly this week will give you the strength needed to address today, everything that’s been latent in your couple. There may be unexpected revelations but probably none that you have foreseen so keep your mind open and remember your sense of humor is a tremendous asset in this sort of situations.
You will be handling the various tasks implied by your job so well that you’ll start looking around and will realize some people could afford a hand. However better save your energy and think twice before jumping in. Be aware that some coworkers could not see this behavior as a gesture of kindness even though this is your intention and could therefore take offense. Use your drive and motivation on the missions you’ve been assigned to and on the projects you really want to carry out.
Your wellbeing isn’t that much of a priority right now and you are on low maintenance. That said, since you are not doing too much of anything, it has no wrong impact on your health, and it will remain the same as long as you continue with your current routine. If you tend to forget to drink water even when the weather is hot, try to be more conscious of this and carry a bottle with you at all times. Perfect timing to invest in an eco-friendly insulated one!
Love – singles
You’ll meet someone this weekend, but you have a tendency to set your expectations much too high. Don’t wait for this person to fill the void that you feel inside. The Sun’s energy will help you to take care of your own life and to find what you enjoy doing, which is a way to set off on the right footing for a balanced, lasting relationship.
Love – couples
Be careful not to give in to excess! Without going as far as tattooing your loved one’s picture on your shoulder like Sylvester Stallone, you still tend to go over the top sometimes. You’ll go a little crazy this weekend, simply to prove your love to your partner. Pluto’s influence may help you to be reasonable about it all.
Leisure time
Nope, you do not like losing! You have a competitive spirit and you love winning. In short, you have the soul of a winner and the only thing that satisfies you is when you come first. Beware of those who would deprive you of your just desserts. The Moon will attempt to ensure you keep your cool, although you will be irked by those who just want to take part without pushing themselves.
Friends & family
You’ve had enough of building up resentments and have had something on your mind for a long time. This weekend, you’ll find the courage to broach the subject with your loved ones. By using the calm afforded by Mars, you’ll manage to talk it through calmly. Even if your voice is raised a little, it will still be more positive and more constructive than if you had said nothing.

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