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Daily horoscope

January 27, 2020

Weekend horoscope

For the weekend of Saturday 01 February through Sunday 02 February

Love – singles
It is not hard to find out that you have been looking for love in all wrong places. But do not worry! Love comes to us on most unusual ways and you just have to open yourself to the possibility that sometimes a friend can become a lover. You will get unexpected help that will mean a lot to you, and set of circumstances brings you to a place where your thoughtful nature comes to full expression. Keep up a positive attitude.
Love – couples
Hiding something from your lover is not going to do you anything good. It's not your nature to be dishonest. All this is adding more frustrations on your already shaken partnership. Talk to your loved one. It's important to realize that sharing your feelings and emotions is always healthy. After all, your love is your best friend, good friends should be able to talk about everything that bothers them. Honesty is going to pay off and you can finally know where you're relationship is heading.
You have the opportunity to finally deal with confusion in your work surroundings. The air has cleared up and you can give your best. Taking on too many projects at once may be too frustrating for you. Even though you are not a team player, working in a team may be the best solution for you, and will relieve the stress. It's a good day to organize your projects and plan ahead. Don't be too bossy with your associates; you are going to need the support of those around you.
If you do not get enough sleep you will struggle with energy issues. Boosting your energy with coffee or candy bars is not a good idea. You can get a real boost by making a few simple changes to your diet. Your stress level is high; take some actions to reduce it. Accept that there are events that you cannot control. Find out what issues are affecting your ability to relax and work through them. You can find ways to fit in some relaxation time without feeling like you're wasting time.
Love – singles
You’ll meet someone this weekend, but you have a tendency to set your expectations much too high. Don’t wait for this person to fill the void that you feel inside. The Sun’s energy will help you to take care of your own life and to find what you enjoy doing, which is a way to set off on the right footing for a balanced, lasting relationship.
Love – couples
Be careful not to give in to excess! Without going as far as tattooing your loved one’s picture on your shoulder like Sylvester Stallone, you still tend to go over the top sometimes. You’ll go a little crazy this weekend, simply to prove your love to your partner. Pluto’s influence may help you to be reasonable about it all.
Leisure time
Nope, you do not like losing! You have a competitive spirit and you love winning. In short, you have the soul of a winner and the only thing that satisfies you is when you come first. Beware of those who would deprive you of your just desserts. The Moon will attempt to ensure you keep your cool, although you will be irked by those who just want to take part without pushing themselves.
Friends & family
You’ve had enough of building up resentments and have had something on your mind for a long time. This weekend, you’ll find the courage to broach the subject with your loved ones. By using the calm afforded by Mars, you’ll manage to talk it through calmly. Even if your voice is raised a little, it will still be more positive and more constructive than if you had said nothing.

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