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Daily horoscope

September 24, 2020

Weekend horoscope

For the weekend of Saturday 26 September through Sunday 27 September

Love – singles
The combination of three planets moving together in the same direction will work for your personal life more efficiently than you could even dream of it. Don’t just wait and see though, as efforts on your part will make things even better. As a consequence, today is likely to bring a lot of satisfaction on the romantic side, and you’ll be feeling like a teenage girl getting her first glimpse of how love can turn heads. Remember you are not a teenager anymore and avoid impulsive decisions.
Love – couples
Today’s planet combo will help you reconnect deeply with your significant other and more generally your loved ones. You will feel as if your soul was literally speaking with others’ souls and it will be extremely reassuring in your life choices and comforting. If you have been thinking of getting back in touch with a relative or an old for a while, make that phone call today and you could see new beginnings blossoming along with old relationships being nurtured.
If you are feeling adventurous and bold, today could offer the most perfect setting to showcase a new idea and engage in a new challenge. You could also have the opportunity to make much more money than usual. Even though it will be one occasion only, don’t go for it unless you can sense it’s a hundred percent sure. If you have been contemplating asking for a raise, make that appointment with your supervisor, prepare your pitch and go get it.
The overall excitement and drive you are experiencing in most aspects of your life will be fairly hard on your body. If you are feeling a tad sluggish, make sure to keep your metabolism high by eating small portions all throughout the day. Also try to cut on caffeine as drinking too much can be counterproductive in keeping you awake during the day, not to mention that it could however affect your sleep tonight. Try to remain in tune with your body and don’t do too much.
Love – singles
This weekend, you’ll finally break the vicious cycle of pointless romantic escapades. Stop waiting and understand that you can have the confidence to take action. You now understand that you need to allow yourself to fail before you can succeed. The Sun and Mercury will help to give you the ability to analyze your failures. It’s time for a revealing moment of introspection which will slowly but surely lead you to your soul mate.
Love – couples
You’re asking a lot of questions about your relationship and things are starting to come to a head. The future of your relationship depends on how much effort you are willing to put in. Don’t be afraid of showing how committed you are to your relationship. This weekend, you’ll be fixated on your preoccupation but be warned, you might not like the answers you get.
Leisure time
Stop overthinking things! This weekend, you’ll be able to step back from your negative thoughts and put yourself in the heart of the action, whether it’s about sport, cuisine, or artistic matters, any initiative you take will nurture your positive emotions. The stars are all aligned to give you the upper hand and put a smile back on your face. You can be confident of a colorful weekend ahead 🙂
Friends & family
You are bursting with happiness. Your loved ones are your rock, enabling you to climb mountains and work wonders! Despite all the new problems that you are facing, they are always there because they understand how fragile you are. You’re lucky and you know it. Be careful not to fall into a rut and let things become routine. Remember that friendships are like plants: you need to care for them!

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