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Daily horoscope

September 24, 2020

Weekend horoscope

For the weekend of Saturday 26 September through Sunday 27 September

Love – singles
Mercury will foster openness in relationships, which could lead to an expected declaration from somebody you’ve known for a while now. No need to rush things though, as you should be able to open your heart to each other and decide what’s best for you, including taking your time and see how things go progressively. If you are not feeling comfortable with this plot twist, feel free to say it to give your relationship a chance to continue developing, whatever it may be like eventually.
Love – couples
Your significant other will be proactive in your relationship and could come up with a bunch of propositions regarding your life at home. The strong values you share will be a powerful asset, as you will experience a deep connection. If you don’t have children yet and always felt it was a project for “someday”, that day could be today when you suddenly realize you are both ready. Otherwise, giving a cat or a dog, or even a rabbit, a new home could be a good idea.
If you’ve had trouble at work lately, it should get better little by little. Not to say that the clouds will clear up today and leave nothing but blue skies, but you should feel a change of direction. This will be the beginning of a much happier atmosphere at the office and you’ll be able to progressively let go of all that stress and anxiety. Don’t try to make things go faster, you are on the right road, but it will not happen overnight.
You are blessed with an excellent and solid health and it should continue unless you make some drastic change in your routine (breaking news: if you are considering a radical change, today is not the day). Nevertheless, as for your affective life, a bit of introspection could be welcome if you don’t want to go from one argument to another. Your conviction that you are right no matter what the discussion is about will make some people angry, and rightfully so. Listen to what they have to say.
Love – singles
You’ve been over-indulging recently: you are worn out and you have recognized that this behavior rarely pays dividends. This weekend is one for good intentions. Stop chasing all the butterflies: pick one and stick with your choice. Regularity will help to restore balance to your life.
Love – couples
Your dependent personality is causing clingy behavior that your soul mate finds challenging. You will get the upper hand this weekend thanks to Venus, who will give you the strength to be less submissive and to become more independent. Take some time for yourself, allow yourself to have fun, and give your partner some room – all of this can only strengthen your relationship!
Leisure time
You know how to get yourself worked up in every sense, but when it’s time to sit back and mediate, there’s no one home! Nonetheless, silence and meditation will help you to chase away those dark thoughts. The pace of your body and the tempo of your mind are closely intertwined this weekend. It’s the ideal time to get away from it all in the country.
Friends & family
All your loved ones are familiar with your irritable or hypersensitive personality. This weekend, you’ll be confronted with a dilemma that will put your emotions in an awkward position. Even if you feel as though you are under attack, you’ll get your emotions under control and will provide an appropriate response to your audience. Your loved ones will tease you – as you well know! Take a step back and don’t let little things get you down!

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