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Daily horoscope

October 20, 2020

Weekend horoscope

For the weekend of Saturday 24 October through Sunday 25 October

Love – singles
Cupid’s arrow is just about to hit you, and it’s going to be a wild time. That day isn’t today, however. Today should be about cutting off loose ends. Get the closure that you needed and start moving on in your life. When you accept change, change becomes you. Whatever happens, don’t forget that change starts from with. Even if you don’t get the closure you thought you would, it’s still some kind of closure. When you embrace positivity, you will start to attract it.
Love – couples
Your relationship is a bit rocky due to the instability that you have been feeling lately. This is only temporary, so don’t be alarmed. A good friend will help you with sorting this out. It would be better if you did an activity with your partner today Watching a TV show together isn’t an activity! Shower them with compliments and acknowledge their achievements. They might feel like they are standing in your shadow, so a grand gesture of love might help them feel better about your relationship.
Your luck is going to turn very soon, so practice your patience today. Jupiter, the planet of luck and knowledge, will soon bring new chances and challenges along. A Virgo will approach you with an excellent idea, or with an amazing offer. Trust your gut and think long and hard about what your next step will be. This is going to be very exciting for you! Possibly even life changing if you make the right move at the right time.
You might experience headaches more often than usual since today. Your head is your weak spot. Take some medication if necessary. Remember, it’s important to pay regular visits to the doctor. Check up your blood work. Meditation and regular exercise can help you feel more balanced and centered. It will also do wonders for your energy levels. Other than that, today is a great day for outdoor activities. Don’t indulge in food high in sugar, try some more natural alternatives.
Love – singles
As hyper-connected and in demand as ever, you can no longer take the time to see the opportunities that present themselves. Get off your smartphone and come back to real life. Cupid is keen for you to get back in touch with yourself – and you need to do so to maintain your sense of balance. You’re about to embark on a new relationship on a solid basis.
Love – couples
It’s easy to feel overshadowed but you can’t quite work out why. Trust your intuition. Saturn will help you to find the words to get your partner to open up to you. This weekend will be a time for revelations, but it might not be as dramatic as you’d think!
Leisure time
A younger person will help you to relax and to see things in perspective. Even though you’ve been worrying a lot recently, this weekend, the time has finally come for you to relax. The Moon will give you a sense of serenity and rest. Keep listening to your inner desires. You will discover strengths that you didn’t even know you had.
Friends & family
An event will make you a warmer person and a better listener. As they complain about your lack of availability, you’ll be making up for lost time! You’ll be sharing good advice to the ones you love and will help them to find peace. Jupiter will give you self-confidence and you will be in a position to relieve some tension within your family.

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