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Weekend horoscope

For the weekend of Saturday 13 March through Sunday 14 March

Love – singles
You’re very interested in other people. Be careful not to spread yourself too thin! You are full of self-confidence and there is nothing stopping you making the most of your charms to find the love you’re looking for. Take advantage of this to set your sights on just one person. You know how to attract their attention and charm them by showing off your wilder side!
Love – couples
You’re finally daring to share your message with your partner. Take advantage of this opportunity, because the Moon will enable a constructive dialog that will flow naturally. You know that you have a tendency to be a little tactless, so take things easy! Your partner will know how to listen to what you have to say, and to understand what you’re saying. With the weight off your shoulders, you’ll spend a relaxing weekend full of tender moments.
Leisure time
You want to take risks and prove that you are capable of overcoming your fears. You have gotten over obstacles from your past, and there is nothing stopping you from progressing your dreams. You are right to have faith in yourself: the stars are pushing you to move forward and to reveal a bit more of yourself.
Friends & family
Your family is one of the most important things in your life and you want to prove how much you love them. Don’t go over the top: keep things simple. The stars will support you as long as you take a humble, sincere approach. Be yourself; your family knows how unique you are. Focus on little, everyday things rather than infrequent, grand gestures.

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