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Weekend horoscope

For the weekend of Saturday 13 March through Sunday 14 March

Love – singles
Always and never. You love extremes. Nevertheless, before you find your soul mate, you’ll need to accept spending this weekend in a more lighthearted way, with events that will teach you about yourself in a way that you need to learn. Have faith in the stars: everything that you go through brings you closer to the love of your life.
Love – couples
Arguments are a rite of passage in your relationship that cannot be avoided! Even though the last few weeks have not always been easy, you want to do what’s necessary before these disagreements call time on your relationship. The stars will help you to hold back from saying certain things before they have an effect on your life together.
Leisure time
You’re in great shape and you want to make the most of it. Don’t force yourself to attend events that you don’t really care about. This weekend, you’ll be in a position to place your wellbeing and your needs ahead of other people’s. The Sun will give you the energy you need to complete your projects and you will finally turn them into a reality!
Friends & family
It’s time to go out and meet new people! You’ll be meeting people who will give you plenty of insightful advice. Take the time to talk to them. You will also continue to listen to the opinions of your loved ones, the people who have known you the longest. Mars will prevent you from becoming too stubborn and will help you to keep an open mind too new suggestions.

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