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Weekly Horoscope

For the week of Monday 19 October through Sunday 25 October

Love – singles
This week will cause you to relish your single status. Not being accountable to anyone, eating and sleeping whenever you want, watching whatever movies you want… Always listening to your friends in relationships complain and express the same old criticisms of their partners makes you finally realize that being single is not so bad. Let’s just say that it allows you to wait patiently for something better…
Love – couples
You’ll need for your partner to be more assertive. Impulsively and with determination, you’ll criticize him for not standing up to you enough. Yet, if you fell in love with him, don’t forget it’s because he calms you down and knows how to balance you out. These no-filter reproaches can cause tension in your relationship, as your outspokenness can hurt his feelings. Be more diplomatic!
Be careful not to upset your coworkers this week. Something small will annoy you, and you don’t always have the tact it takes to calmly communicate your disagreement. This can be a source of conflict even if your coworkers know your explosive nature and know that behind your bossy mannerisms lies a high level of emotion and fear of making mistakes. Temper your words and your attitude.
You’ll have a tendency to be tense this week. Learn to breathe new life into things and think about relaxing. Abdominal breathing works miracles when you’re stressed out. It allows you to concentrate on your body and keep obsessive thoughts at bay. During the evening, for example, settle into a quiet place, add some relaxing music and you can dispel the negative energy that’s attacking you.

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