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Weekly Horoscope

For the week of Monday 26 October through Sunday 01 November

Love – singles
Your enthusiasm and your charm will take action this week. The stars are with you, and promise you a happy encounter: perhaps at work with the arrival of a new coworker? A person you’ll rub shoulders with perhaps not every day, but someone you’ll see regularly (in another department, for example). A love story might be born which could ignite the heart!
Love – couples
You really love your partner and will want to prove it even more than usual. You’ll be in a loving or even naughty mood, savoring each moment of this life that you enjoy so much. Why not send him some sweet texts at first and then some more sensual and erotic voice messages? You’ll be showing your wild imagination, and this will surprise him.
A rather humdrum week, but this routine is fine for you. You’ll do what’s asked of you, but no more than that. No one is irreplaceable. Just because you relax a little doesn’t mean the world is going to stop turning. You mind is not that into work, but you'll have a perfect command of current tasks. No surprises on the horizon; the mechanisms are well-oiled.
You don’t feel like doing anything, and so what? Sometimes it’s good to come home from work (or after putting the kids to bed) and flop on the couch without feeling guilty. The housework can wait. As for shopping, you still have enough of everything. And if you feel like luxuriating in a hot bath, don’t hesitate (with two, it’s even better!). You’ll be in your bubble a little bit this week, but that’s okay.

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