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Weekly Horoscope

For the week of Monday 26 October through Sunday 01 November

Love – singles
You’ll feel a need to discuss your romantic setbacks. You’ll dwell a little too much in your corner, imagining that everything is your fault. To get through it, invite some friends with sympathetic ears or spend some time on the phone working through your negative thoughts. You will come to understand the importance of friends and family, and that will help heal you. You’ll end up with a lighter heart.
Love – couples
You’ll tend to be suspicious and distrustful toward your partner. It’s in your nature. You hide behind an icy front which is only an act since, in reality, it’s actually a lack of self-confidence that’s burdening you. This bad mood isolates you, and you will have a tendency to withdraw. But your partner will find the right words to make you feel better.
You will be very busy this week. Accumulating files, extra hours due to an absent coworker… At least you don’t have time to think about anything else, and you actually enjoy the additional activity. Others would be overwhelmed, but with patience and rigor, you will accomplish your tasks without feeling resentful. It’s in this professional hyperactivity that you function best.
You feel like learning to release your emotions, but you don’t know exactly how. Ask the advice of your friends and family - they will motivate you and could even support you in this endeavor. Why not try theater? This could help you express yourself and let go. Do activities that push you outside of your comfort zone and allow you to interact more freely with others.

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