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Weekly Horoscope

For the week of Monday 26 October through Sunday 01 November

Love – singles
By staying focused on your last relationship, you didn’t have the opportunity to mourn it, and were not ready to move on. But this week, something should unblock within you, and you will once again be ready to seduce. Don’t overdo it, be natural, personable and don’t put up walls between you and this man who has caught your eye, but is not yet your lover.
Love – couples
This little woman-child act suits you well. Dreamy and romantic, you will be stuck to your partner like glue this week. You’ll feel like being cuddled and comforted even if he does it a bit too much. At any rate, you could ask him with an impish air to bring you breakfast in bed and to serve you like a princess, telling you how much he loves you. If he’s game at first, don’t abuse it too much or the game could end.
You will have a hard time getting up in the morning. You risk arriving late to work because you missed your alarm clock, and this puts you in a bad mood. If, in addition to that, there are traffic jams, road work or crowded subways, you are sure to be annoyed, and even downright nasty. Anticipate and try to leave earlier. This can help you avoid being unbearable to your coworkers so early in the morning.
Fatigue has been building for some time, and you will have a tendency to once again burn yourself out. Be reasonable and go to bed early. Sleep is restorative before midnight. Even if you are a night owl and don’t need much sleep, you concentration and attention may be affected. If you have things to do, put them off till tomorrow and give yourself some time to rest.

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