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Weekly Horoscope

For the week of Monday 26 October through Sunday 01 November

Love – singles
A week of frisky moods. You’ll feel like pleasing and letting it be known! In seduction mode, it’s hard to resist you. Your sense of humor and your straight talk will hit the mark. You don’t want to think about tomorrow…only about enjoying life and giving in to your desires. You are open to all possibilities, and you just might have an unexpected encounter.
Love – couples
A week that begins with the need for sweetness then accelerates… You’ll feel like cuddling with your partner and enjoying pleasant evenings at home in front of the television, wrapped up in a blanket. Moments of tenderness and closeness risk turning into steamy exchanges under the covers if you aren’t careful… Enjoy these delicious moments.
A lackluster week. You know that your work is flawless, and that’s why you feel like sometimes people ask too much of you. Some even abuse your perfectionism, and you need to make them understand that you’re not a machine. Learn to spend your energy on the right people and take a step back. Tomorrow is another day…
This week, you’ll need to get rid of excess physical and mental energy. Do something sporty, and why not enjoy some lovemaking…to expend some of that nervous energy. Whether it’s going for a run around town or a little walk through the woods, you need to exert yourself. And don’t forget to plan dinner and drinks with friends. You’ll see…after that, you’ll come away refreshed!

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