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Weekly Horoscope

For the week of Monday 26 October through Sunday 01 November

Love – singles
Your reserved and introverted side will play tricks on you this week. Stop brooding in your corner and start sharing your feelings with those you trust. They can give you advice and perhaps help you in your search for love. By indulging in confidences, you may discover an attraction to someone who, up until now, has never caught your eye.
Love – couples
You need to talk more with your partner. He can’t always guess what you’re feeling or what you want from him, even if he knows you well. It’s your stubborn and secretive side that comes out this week. If you want more acts of kindness from your partner, you won’t get them by pouting. Open yourself up to him so he knows where you stand.
A calm week where you accomplish all your tasks with self-control and patience. You’ll feel at ease with yourself as there will be no surprises. You need specific guidelines and instructions to be comfortable. In this context, you will blossom. A relaxed atmosphere will give you an opportunity to talk more with your colleagues and exchange ideas on working together.
You feel the need for calm and for focusing on yourself again. It feels so good to take some time for yourself once in a while. Read a book, listen to some soothing music and relax a little to relieve the stress from the last few days. You’ll soon realize that you haven’t been listening to your body lately even though it’s nice to do so!

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