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Weekly Horoscope

For the week of Monday 26 October through Sunday 01 November

Love – singles
The fact that you’re single is weighing on you, and you’ll tend to feel depressed this week. Don’t think about past relationships. You are perhaps still looking for the same type of man who ultimately doesn’t suit you. You need a sensitive man, but one who knows how to be strong for you. While you wait, enjoy the company of your friends and family. Nothing beats the safe place that friends and family can provide to re-energize you.
Love – couples
You will ask yourself a lot of questions about your relationship this week, and doubt your partner. Hypersensitivity can cause you to wrongly interpret the other’s actions. Just because your partner goes to work without giving you a kiss, it doesn’t mean he no longer loves you. He could just have a lot on his mind at the moment. This tendency to read too much negativity into your relationship will lessen by the weekend because your partner will prove to you that nothing has changed.
You will dive into work with all your might, as you have an increased need for recognition. You will be meticulous and professional. This will get you compliments from your superiors who also won’t hesitate to give you more responsibilities. They will appreciate this renewed activity and your team spirit will be an additional asset, allowing you to showcase yourself.
A rollercoaster week where you’ll see-saw between moments of despair and renewed energy. You’ll know how to deal with these little bouts of the blues, and will rebound as you always do. You could make an appointment with your hairdresser for a new haircut or get pampered at the spa. A scalp massage, for example, is a great remedy to relax you and help you let go.

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