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Weekly Horoscope

For the week of Monday 26 October through Sunday 01 November

Love – singles
You’ll be in full seduction mode this week. Your femme fatale side will come out, causing you to want to turn heads. Is it the approaching holidays that make you so radiant and charming? At any rate, you’ll gain confidence and realize it’s worth it. You’ll have a lot of choices, unless you already have the man in mind that you’ll seduce…
Love – couples
You’ll feel like playing the little seductress with your partner this weekend. A bit capricious, you want him to give in to all your desires without flinching. And you know how to make it happen. Putting him to bed, cuddling him, scolding him gently…he won’t be able to resist these mischievous impulses that at times define you. Your childish pout: he knows it by heart and wants more!
Your mind will be elsewhere and not really at work. You’ll be in chill mode, and will have a tendency to procrastinate. You have worked relentlessly this year and you’re right to assume that a few days of relaxation won’t harm your performance. Your supervisors know your worth, but may call you out on this change in attitude. Be careful not to make this too much of a habit.
Mentally, you will be ready to start a diet if this is what you’re looking to do. You will plan your meals with enthusiasm. Don’t forget your bottle of water, and you’ll be more likely to resist temptation! Now is really a good time to regain control of your eating habits. You will be disciplined with your battle plan, and will follow it to a “T”.

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