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Weekly Horoscope

For the week of Monday 26 October through Sunday 01 November

Love – singles
You don’t know what you want. Sometimes you want to find the love of your life…other times you want to enjoy a casual fling… What are you looking for deep down inside? Simply to be loved. By spinning around in all directions and being indecisive, you classify all relationships as being either about freedom or security. However, both are compatible if you make the effort!
Love – couples
Your moods will be all over the place this week. Between dramatic declarations of love and categorical rejection of any discussion that doesn’t interest you, your partner will have a hard time knowing how to respond. Since he won’t know how to take you, he’ll stay out of your way, and this will be fine with you! You’ll feel like doing only what you want to do, and your partner will wait patiently for the storm to pass…
A stimulating week, with perhaps some new clients, new contracts or a few extra hours that will put some money in your pocket. You will be fully involved in your work: organized, methodical and you’ll even notice small inefficiencies in your company which you’ll have ideas on how to fix. Your supervisors know they can count on you, and will be grateful.
You will be in hyperactive mode, and will succeed in balancing everything with enthusiasm and in Olympic form! Work, family, friends, exercise: nothing scares you. You’ll experience this week at 100 miles per hour, as if you’ve been doing this your entire life. An overflowing energy will be happily shared with your friends and family. You’ll be the locomotive that supercharges everyone.

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