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Weekly MomScope

For the week of Wednesday 28 October through Tuesday 03 November

Mom with a baby
Your baby is your absolute priority and the rest of the world has somehow vanished since their arrival in your life. If pregnancy was a wonderful experience for you, it’s probably begun there. If you didn’t particularly enjoyed that time of your life, then the relief to get out of it paired to the bliss to finally having your baby in your arms must have hit you hard. Either way, if you are feeling out of sync and tired this week, try to make some me-time. You deserve it.
Mom with a toddler
If you’ve been pushing hard on your child, trying to get him to accomplish as much as possible, he or she could show signs of discontent, or even distress, some time in the coming days. Even if you’ve done so with the best intentions and the most caring heart, pressure is pressure. Let your baby be a baby (even though they aren’t a baby anymore technically), and you’ll see their personality blossom in the most unexpected ways very soon.
Mom with a teenager
Be careful to not become the official negotiator in the family! Your nature is to avoid conflicts and you would often compromise rather than confront. Truth is, teenagers, even the kindest ones, could take advantage of such situation, and you could waste hours in endless conversations going nowhere. If a certain topic keeps coming up throughout the week, address it frankly this weekend so you can all move on. In any case, make sure all responsible adults around you keep the same line as you do.
Mom with a grown-up
If something bothers you at work, try to not bring it back home and let it ruin the quality time you have with your loved ones. You eldest kids could pay you an unexpected visit if they have left home already. For those who still live with you, there could be some almost-strange-looking tweak in their behavior. This week it may feel more like having teenagers all over again rather than young adults, but if you start treating them like kids again, it could backfire. Remain firm and they’ll go back where they belong.

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