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Weekly MomScope

For the week of Wednesday 28 October through Tuesday 03 November

Mom with a baby
Sweet and tender as per usual, your home feels like the coziest cocoon you can imagine. Why not going out and enjoying the sun though? Even if the weather is not on your side this week, try to put your baby in a sling or in the stroller and go somewhere so you can get out of your bubble for a couple of hours. If the temperatures are warm, seek nature and go for a walk – it could be at the park, urban moms.
Mom with a toddler
Who’s better at comforting all the little bumps and scratches than a mom? You could have a small shock around Wednesday if your toddler has a playdate or a birthday party, but remember kids are not made out of sugar and can handle the small incidents of their daily adventures. Not to mention that if you are the mom of a bold kid you probably are proud of their fearless actions. Just make sure to be waiting in the back for when they need you.
Mom with a teenager
It’s oftentimes hard for you to fight your tendency to building up worst-case scenarios out of the smallest incidents, even though you are likely to have gotten better at doing this with age. In the event of bad news regarding one of your kids before next weekend, remember you can not keep them in a box and they have to experience life their own way too. Also overprotecting them does not help them in becoming more responsible (and it’s no good to your mental health).
Mom with a grown-up
Moms who at one point were afraid to go from tiger mom to abusive mom, we feel you. Trying to fight your natural tendencies to be protective and supportive at all times will only create some awkward situations though, so try to be mindful about your actions but don’t lock yourself away in order to set your kids free. If your child is an only child, he or she is likely to come directly for advice today or tomorrow, and this will be precisely because you are a trustworthy parent.

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