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Weekly MomScope

For the week of Wednesday 28 October through Tuesday 03 November

Mom with a baby
You like it when things are neatly organized, and your day is scheduled with the precision of a Swiss coo coo clock. If the past few months have been hectic because of that little bundle of joy who has joined your family, this week could mark the beginning of you getting your grip back on your planning. Don’t jump into this by trying to go back to your old habits as it would be setting yourself for failure. Identify the patterns, then try to implement a routine, but remain flexible.
Mom with a toddler
If another child at school or at the park tries to hurt your little one, you could spread your claws like the tiger mom you’ve been hiding behind that cordial smile. Remember kids are kids and need to learn the rules of life in a group. If it involves an adult, then it’s a completely different story and you will handle this like a champion. Other moms could even come to you for advice. Ever thought about starting a coaching business?
Mom with a teenager
You are a perfectionist – although you often refuse to admit it – and you tend to hold others to as high standards as yours. The more you love them, the higher the standards. Obviously it means your kids’ success is to be handled with a lot of care and seriousness. One of them could however bring surprisingly low results or you could be informed of some unusual behavior within the next few days. If it happens, try to find out the latent problem instead of blindly punishing.
Mom with a grown-up
Having a creative kid can feel like a curse sometimes, especially when teachers complain about them being in their own world or when they come up with the weirdest projects you’ve ever heard. That said, it often converts into self-sufficient adults living a fulfilling life, as you could witness it anytime before next weekend. You will always worry for them of course, but truth is that now that they are bigger, you can allow yourself to sit back and enjoy the benefits without having to follow up closely on the entire process.

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