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Weekly MomScope

For the week of Wednesday 28 October through Tuesday 03 November

Mom with a baby
The social butterfly that you are could feel a bit isolated this week as well as next week until Uranus leaves Mars. Even if you are feeling kind of stuck at home with your baby, try to go out every day, even just for a short while. A power walk in the morning could help getting your Vitamin D, or you could start by making sure you wake up to have breakfast with your significant other before he goes to work. Your baby loves a happy mommy.
Mom with a toddler
Some people around you may have mocked your efforts to explain your decisions and never punish without stating the problem clearly, but now that your infant is turning into a toddler, you can see it’s paying off. There could be tensions between your little strong-willed treasure, but the foundations of communication skills you have built in them will help resolve conflicts. If at times it feels like they’re not listening, don’t fret and keep doing what you believe is right and you’ll see the results later.
Mom with a teenager
There’s always been a climate of trust in your home, or at least you’ve always tried to foster this, which could help tremendously if you become aware of some trouble your teenage kids may have themselves gotten into. Encouraging a judgment-free discussion and avoiding confrontation could require a bit more work than usual but it will be okay eventually. No matter what happens, make sure to address it all so you can move on once the chapter is closed.
Mom with a grown-up
If you have a daughter, there could be a girl date happening some night this week, or you could schedule it for later this month. Venus will support mutual trust and you could see your girl opening to you in the most unexpected moment. You were about to leave the house for work? The office can wait! Sit down and let her speak her heart. Moms to big boys, well, they will always be boys but that’s how you love them!

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