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Weekly MomScope

For the week of Wednesday 28 October through Tuesday 03 November

Mom with a baby
If you used to be very active and would like to start moving again but can’t wrap your mind around how to make this fit in your new schedule as a mom to a baby, start by incrementing really small new habits. Put your little one in the carrier and go for a walk, jump rope for 10 minutes during naptime... it may feel like it’s not enough but at the end of the day, what matters is to have started. In any case, remember your mental well-being is crucial.
Mom with a toddler
Everybody warned you about how harder it would get once your kid starts running around, but you had forgotten or couldn’t really fathom how much of a difference it would make. If they were gifted a scooter or any other moving toy, it may increase the hassle. If your little one has a nanny, he or she may be driving her crazy. Stand with your little precious, but if they’re going through a rough patch and you reckon they’re giving you grey hair too, support your nanny.
Mom with a teenager
Moms to a boy and a girl, things are going to get wild, especially if they go to the same school. Keep your distance and let them find a resolution to their disagreement, even if the bickering can be hard to stand for you (and your partner). If you have a teenager at home but also a toddler, the little one could be asking for more than their big brother or sister can offer at the moment. Be there for both, foster their connection, but don’t judge.
Mom with a grown-up
If one of your children has experienced heartbreak recently, you should see a clear improvement in their mood in the next few days. If they live with you, you will have a few opportunities to share good moments together and will feel relieved to see them on their back to their usual self. For those who have a large family – calling all families with at least three kids! – the dynamics between your team could shift a bit, but it will only be positive.

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