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Weekly MomScope

For the week of Wednesday 28 October through Tuesday 03 November

Mom with a baby
Your natural drive and determination means that you spend your days rushing from one thing to another but this week, be careful to not reach burn out. Having an infant is no easy feat, and whether you are a working mom or stay-at-home, you could be facing kind of a slump by the end of the week simply because you’ve ignored your body cues instead of getting some rest when you could. This is a marathon, not a sprint, so spare your energy.
Mom with a toddler
If last week was a bit tough for your nerves and you decided you would take things easy, this week will be a good opportunity to try your new mindset. Your little one could show sudden aversions – food related or habit related, say he or she doesn’t want pureed veggies or their afternoon nap anymore – and you could feel powerless. Talk to your partner or to a close friend to see what strategy you can find and it should resolve by the beginning of next week.
Mom with a teenager
Maybe your tendency to imposing your own vision and rhythm in everything can be seen as a burden by your loved ones, but this is also what taught them how to be strong and remain straight in their boots. Some not-so-good news could hit your home around the middle of the week and let your teenager(s) show the extent of their talent in dealing with others feelings and opinions. Some heated up conversations could possibly tense the atmosphere but it won’t last.
Mom with a grown-up
If lazy sounds like the worst insult to you, you could have to take a lot upon yourself to not blow a fuse over next weekend. If the young adult under your roof seems to have given up all activities and started to hibernate, try to keep your cool and start a conversation whenever you can (whenever he or she leaves her bed, that is). For those with a kid abroad, there could be a good surprise in the shape of a letter or a phone call.

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