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Weekly MomScope

For the week of Wednesday 28 October through Tuesday 03 November

Mom with a baby
If you had a tough childhood yourself, you could be torn between protecting your baby as much as possible with the risk to overprotect them or leaving them so much space for them to develop their own personality that it could be a tad too much. This week could feature a new challenge that will force you to choose which way to go. Trust your guts, but make sure to tell the difference between your own experience and your new role as a mom.
Mom with a toddler
You will feel deeply connected to your children and will not even feel the urge to interact with adults... but not for too long. Chances are that by next weekend you’ll be happy to spend some time with friends or to have a chill evening with your partner. Solo moms, you could meet somebody you haven’t seen in a while and be surprised to notice your feelings have changed. No matter what your situation is, don’t feel guilty for taking time for yourself.
Mom with a teenager
If you have several kids around the same age, there could be frictions. One could want to affirm oneself, which could threaten the relationships between siblings. Unless things get really heated up, try to remain outside of the mess but keep an eye on them from the distance. Teenagers have to learn and make their own experiences and you won’t always be there to prevent arguments or conflicts. Moms of an only child, leave them space and don’t over plan because you’re scared; they could feel lonely.
Mom with a grown-up
Your children may be adults, you still have that sixth sense when it comes to them. If one of them come to you and you have a feeling there is something off or unusual, trust your instinct and try to investigate. Make sure to be tactful and respect their boundaries, but state clearly you are there for them at any time. If you daughter – or daughter-in-law – just had a baby, offer your help even though they haven’t asked and let them you you’re available!

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