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Weekly MomScope

For the week of Wednesday 28 October through Tuesday 03 November

Mom with a baby
If you have ever been subject to panic attacks and are a first time mom, this week could be a bit of a challenge for your nerves. Everything will be just fine finally, but that could be a good lesson about your new status as a parent: you can’t control everything but you can always do your best, and it is enough. The weekend, conversely, will go by like a breeze and you’ll feel grateful and fully confortable in your home just the way it is.
Mom with a toddler
Moms who are fan of everything healthy – tried raw food last summer, will attempt keto next month... does that sound familiar? – somebody around you could express concerns regarding how you feed your toddler. If you have twins, they will be twice as much more concerned, and you will be twice as much more annoyed. Reassure them that you are not putting your kids on a diet but don’t spend hours trying to convince them. If you have had health-related issues lately, someone will check in with you and it will help brighten your mood.
Mom with a teenager
Your partner, or someone close such as your kids’ grandparents, could share their surprise with you regarding the lack of boldness of your children. Not all teenagers behave the same naturally, and it is definitely something to celebrate when they don’t put themselves in dangerous situations, but maybe checking in with yourself would be a good idea. Are you sure you haven’t been extra cautious lately, so cautious that it could have cut their impulse for independence? Aren’t your nervous inquiries hindering them?
Mom with a grown-up
You’ve been so busy being a supportive and caring mom (and partner...) than you could get a wake-up call out of nowhere. It will feel strange at first, thinking you could take care of yourself for once, but then you’ll feel relieved, maybe even excited! Why not book a massage or organize tea time with a couple of girlfriends you haven’t seen in a while? You’ll be surprised and relieved, again, to see the world doesn’t stop spinning and your family is happy for you.

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